Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something for the Muse #2

Our monthly Fun Facts and Inspirations by Hathor (aka Kellee Kranendonk).

Ride the wind, never coming back until I touched the midnight sun - Ride the Wind - Poison
If you were free to go wherever you wanted, where would you go? What about your characters? Where do they want to go? Where can they go?

Fun Fact: Did you know? Brett Michaels of Poison wrote the song Unskinny Bop after finding CC DeVille in the closet with some girl.

Poison was fromed in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. Originally they were known as Paris. After changing their name and recording some demos, they were signed to Capitol Records. After the release of this big hair band's first album, people thought they were an all-girl group. Sales soared. When the truth became known, sales dropped, but the band was still successful. If you've ever seen the cover of that first album, you'll understand the mix-up. Whether on purpose or not, these guys made a name for themselves.

As a writer, what are you willing to do to make yourself known? Writing isn't all just having fun making up stories. First of all, things have to make sense. Even in a fantasy or sci-fi. Things need to happen logically. Are you willing to follow the rules? Listen to an editor? If so, and a publisher snaps up your book, then what about promotions? We no longer live in a world where someone promotes you. You'll have to do that yourself, at least partially. There are many ways of doing so, and you won't need to dress like an 80s hair band to do it.

Monthly quote: Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
- Oscar Wilde

Hathor (aka Kellee Kranendonk among other things) is a columnist for Silver Blade Magazine. [] She takes care of her home and family in New Brunswick, Canada as well as various pets and farm animals. In her "spare" time she likes to read and write fantasy. Kellee also writes children's stories and articles. Some of her writing appears online:

* The Troll - children's poem
* The Test - Adutl story
* The Cat's Out of the Bag - children's article
* Everybody Wants Something - Critique article

Her personal website, with a list of her accomplishments and links to other author pages, can be found at: KELLEE KRANENDONK - CANADIAN WRITER

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  1. I love listening to Poison, but I can't imagine anyone taking Brett Michaels for a girl! Someone didn't look too closely.

    This was a very enjoyable and interesting article.