Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lady Luck is in the networking

By Monty Wheeler 

He walked with Lady Luck awhile, which is how they might say Monty Wheeler came to sign a publishing contract for his formal verse. He’d suffered the pains of rejection until deciding he’d had enough. Writing would be pure pleasure and hobby. Firm in the mindset that he’d never submit works again, he set out to enjoy life.

Life—like the world—changes. Never fear changing with the world. Networking is by far not a new concept, but as the world shrinks and the information highway is playground to faster and faster cars, social networking and interactive marketing become more common place. Through one avenue of social networking, and interacting with others across the Twitterverse, Wheeler met and interacted with other poets and writers, not realizing the scope of those reaches and how others’ lives might change as well, opening doors one might never expect.

When one whom Wheeler had befriended and interacted with on a social program known as Twitter offered guidance should he ever decide to submit a full collection of formal verse for publishing consideration, Wheeler’s vow to himself that submissions were things of his past faded, and he considered. . . Little did he know at that time, his fellow poet friend had ties to a publisher who favored new writers and poets. The walk with Lady Luck? Or direct results of this new social networking avenue?

As the release date nears for Wheeler’s debut collection of dark verse in meter and rhyme, he must remember, a contract does not mean success; there’s much to be done in the way of promotional work. The information highway and social interaction along such paths as Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc. . .play important roles in marketing and self-promotion as a writer and poet.

So whether by blind fool’s luck or an unguided trip through this new world of social networking, Wheeler will publish his first collection of poetry. He encourages those who’d seek to write and publish— or just to write—to change with it as the world changes and look to new ways of selling one’s self and one’s works.

Monty Wheeler, author of "The Many Shades of Dark", his debut collection of formal verse that comes to the shelves via Winter Goose Publishing in March of 2013, considers himself naught but a little old feller living out his days in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. With his work in meter and rhyme, he strives to keep the art of formal verse alive. His days, when not at the job that pays the bills, are spent in writing, fishing, hunting, and his newly-acquired want of gardening. You can find him on Twitter as @bumfuzzled2004, Facebook as Monty Wheeler and at GoodReads


  1. Congrats again, Monty. :) Exciting life these days in the foothills of the Ozarks, I'm sure. :D

    Hathor aka SPFanMag aka Siver Pen-Blade Rep

  2. I love it, Dora, and ear to ear smile
    Ye'd be too kind to the lil' ol man
    In sharing his words with your great style :)

  3. Being in the right place at the right time is how things come about sometimes. But Monty, you had the good work that captured their interest. You also had the charm and ability to make those connections.

    You're right about the work that still needs to be done beyond just getting the contract. The fact that you know how to network is going to be very helpful to you in your promotional work in this brave new world for authors.

  4. You must feel at times you are in a bit of a windstorm, albeit a good one -) I am looking forward to reading your book of verse,,,,,

  5. Looking forward to your poetry book's release--but certainly not as much as you, Monte. It's odd how the turns our lives and decisions we make direct us onto unexpected paths. I hope your work reaches many readers!

  6. my ty's to all of you and for some of you, this would not be here if not for the support you've given for so long as early AbD members. I owe much to those early days and those members